The Most Dangerous Animals Found In Morocco

The era of Barbering lions majestically walking around Morocco is over. The animal can only be seen through in captivity now. But this doesn’t mean that Morocco is free from all the dangerous animals. Unfortunately, there are still some deadly animals left in the country.

Even though they are not as majestic as the lion, there are some predatory mammals, deadly reptiles, and insects. So, if you plan to go to Morocco and travel through its mountains, forests, or desert, staying focused and keeping your eyes on the ground is better.

You may look at this list to learn about the most dangerous animals you need to look out for.

African Golden Wolf

Earlier mislabelled as golden jackals, this species was formally identified as the African Golden Wolf only in 2015. This is an adaptive creature that lives in a variety of habitats across North Africa and the Mediterranean regions. In Morocco, they are found in the Atlas Mountains. They feed on small animals like rodents and lizards. But they are capable of hunting large animals like the wild Boar. Unfortunately, as they are known to eat lambs and goats, they have been killed by humans lately.

Palm rat

Palm rat, also known as roof rat or black rat, is infamous for biting campers and hikers. Even though the bite is painful, it is not the real threat. The danger comes from the diseases and infectious they carry and can pass to humans through biting. They can carry fatal diseases like typhus, toxoplasmosis, and leptospirosis.

So, if going on a hike in the mountains of Morocco, wear good footwear and seek immediate help if you are bitten.

Wild Boar

Wild boars prefer to avoid human contact; hence they do not pose much threat to humans. But when they are hunted, these animals can become dangerous. This is because they are intelligent, unpredictable, and fast. So, if they are threatened, they can turn aggressive.

The extinction of their primary predators, like the African leopard and Barbary lion, along with their prolific breeding habits, has resulted in the rapid growth in the population of Boar. To control this, Morocco encourages boar hunting.

Striped hyenas

The stripped hyena, considered one of the most intelligent species of hyenas in the world, lives in the Atlas Mountains and forest regions of Morocco. Even though hyenas can kill their prey, they prefer to eat the remains of another animal’s kill. They dig up fruits and vegetable plants and eat human remains, making them unpopular among humans.

Striped hyenas


Out of the 2,000 species of scorpions found worldwide, about 50 species are found in Morocco. Even though most of them are harmless, about 22 species are found to be venomous. Scorpios of the Buthidae family are very common in Morocco and very dangerous. The venom in the sting is capable of killing humans. But fortunately, Morocco has antivenin that can save people.

Thus Morocco is home to some dangerous animals. Therefore it is better to be cautious if you are going on a trek or exploring the forests of Morocco.

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