Animals of Morocco

Morocco is a country that has many animals to boast about. It has a variety of introduced and native animals. The country has more than 490 species of birds, over 90 species of reptiles, 20 species of bats, 105 species of mammals, and numerous species of whales and dolphins. You may look into this guide […]

high Atlas Mountains

Morocco’s 10 Best Natural Wonders

All North African countries are famous for their bird watching and other natural beauty, which attracts travelers, nature lovers, and tourists from all over the world. Morocco is located between the borders of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it an exclusive destination for adventurers. It has everything you might crave, from […]


Bird-watching paradises in Morocco

Morocco, with its incredible scenery, hospitable people, and many bird specialties, is a haven for all the birders across the globe. Being an African country with a sizeable Mediterranean region, Morocco is a favorite place for all birders searching for endangered or rare bird species. The place is rich in habitat diversity and has more […]

List Of Birds

The Beautiful Birds of Morocco

Morocco is regarded as one of the most exotic countries in the world and it offers several tourist attractions. It is well known for the scenic beauty of the Saharan region and Atlas mountains. Morocco is one of the top rated places for bird lovers. It has many unique and rare species like Dark Chanting […]

Moroccan Strategy

A Moroccan Strategy To Preserve 40 Species Of Birds Of Prey

Morocco attracts tourists from all around the world for its beautiful natural diversity and wildlife. It has many beautiful indigenous bird species that have unfortunately been categorized as Critically Endangered. Hence, joint efforts for preservation are being undertaken by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in the Mediterranean and the Conservation of Nature and […]