Nature of Morocco

Morocco is a mountainous western North African country blessed with varied and unique natural resources. Its varied landscape includes mountain ranges, sandy beaches, an endless expanse of golden dunes, and oases. This country is in the subtropical region, and the climate is largely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea that border the country. The summers are warm yet comfortable in the area near the coast, and the winters are warm and mild. But in the country’s central regions, the climate will be marketed by hot summers and cool winters. You may look into this guide if you want to learn about Morocco’s nature and natural landmarks.

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

The main natural landmark of the country is the vast Sahara Desert, which is situated south of the Atlas Mountains. The desert region of Morocco is bounded by scenic rivers, shady oases, dunes, and the small and beautiful Tuareg village. No one can resist the mesmerizing scenery of Skoura oasis, the vast and boundless sands of Merzouga Dunes, and the Efrud stones, surrounded by thousands of date palms. If you go further to the north, you will see the Tazekka National Park near the town of Taza. The park covers over a hundred square kilometers and is blessed with stunning mountain scenery, natural waterfalls, and grottoes.

Souss-Massa National park

Souss-Massa National park is situated along the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean, between the channels of two rivers- Sousse and Massa. Anyone who visits the park will end up admiring the nests of forest ibises. The condition of river basins is suitable for reproducing a range of birds and animals. This park also takes pride in the various species of reptiles and butterflies that it has in its sock.

Gardens of Marrakech

Located in Marrakech, the majestic gardens of Menara were created in the twelfth century as per the orders of Sultan Abdul Momin. If you are tired after a long day of the journey, you can sit and relax in the garden outside the city of Medina. The garden expands over a hundred acres, and you will be able to see an extensive grove of olive trees, oranges, and other fruit trees brought from various other countries in the garden.

Another natural treasure that Marrakech is blessed with is the garden of Majorelle, created as per the plan of artist Jacques Majorelle. When you enter the garden, you can see the bamboo alley. You can also observe plants from around the world, along with ponds, fountains, and canals.

Gardens of Marrakech

Ouzoud waterfall

One of the most beautiful natural attractions of Morocco is the Ouzoud waterfall. This beautiful waterfall forms three streams. You will be able to observe many water mills in the top part of Uzud, some of which are still operated. However, if you want to see the waterfall, you will have to pass through the thickets of bushes and figs. Thus, Morocco is a country that is blessed with a variety of natural resources.


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