Natural Wonders You Need To Visit In Morocco

Morocco is one such place that has many things to offer its visitors. Along with being home to numerous diverse habitats, they are also credited with one of the richest cultures on the planet. Therefore, even though it is pretty easy to plan your itinerary around Marrakesh, you will soon understand that Morocco is a place that has many natural wonders on its hold.

You can explore the Egg Chebbi dunes and other popular tourist activities in Morocco. But, you will soon learn that this North African country is full of natural beauty. You may look into this list to find some of the numerous natural wonders of Morocco.

The Canyon Dades Gorges

Canyon Dades Gorges is the best example if you want to see one of the most scenic roads. This place is said to be the perfect balance of human intervention and natural beauty. The Dades River created the stunning gorges. You will have to take the tricky yet picturesque road of a Thousand Kasbahs to reach this place. This road is situated between the ancient red mountains, making them more appealing and perfect for watching a beautiful sunrise.

Legzira Beach

If you visit Legzira Beac, you will understand why they are said to be the gorgeous beaches on the face of the planet. The most appealing aspect of this five-mile-long beach is the natural arches on the cliff that provide the frame to the sea. All thanks to the incredible architects of nature, the wind, and the waves that made the red rock formation perfect by carving them.

Ouzoud waterfall

One of the most popular tourist spots of Morocco, Marrakesh has some natural treasures in its hold. The travelers visiting the place will be in awe of the beauty of the Ouzoud waterfall. Ouzoud is truly remarkable because the beautiful 100-meter cascade results from multiple waterfalls.

You can take a boat to reach the waterfall or use the wooden bridge to cross the river. Since this is a popular tourist destination, the area is filled with restaurants and small gift shops.

Sahara dunes

Seeing Sahara Sand dunes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The vastness and mysterious beauty of the dunes are truly mesmerizing. There are many ways to reach the Sahara Dessert that stretches from Egypt to Morocco. One of the most famous parts of the desert is the Erg Chebbi dunes, but reaching this area is a daunting task.

Sahara dunes

You will have to travel two days from Marrakesh, but the view of the sunrise and sunset makes the journey worth it. During this visit, you can ride camel-back and indulge in various activities like camping and desert riding.

The Caves of Hercules

Fourteen kilometers away from Tangier, you will find the cave of Hercules, which holds much relevance in Roman mythology. The tale claims that this is the cave where Hercules slept when he went to steal the apple from Hesperides’s garden. The cave has two openings. One opening faces the continent, and the other faces the sea. This place is very attractive due to the legends surrounding it and the beauty of the place. Visit these places in Morocco to observe the most incredible crafts of nature.

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