Nature of Morocco

Morocco is a mountainous western North African country blessed with varied and unique natural resources. Its varied landscape includes mountain ranges, sandy beaches, an endless expanse of golden dunes, and oases. This country is in the subtropical region, and the climate is largely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea that border the […]

Natural Wonders You Need To Visit In Morocco

Morocco is one such place that has many things to offer its visitors. Along with being home to numerous diverse habitats, they are also credited with one of the richest cultures on the planet. Therefore, even though it is pretty easy to plan your itinerary around Marrakesh, you will soon understand that Morocco is a […]


Birds That Are Found In Morocco

Morocco is home to a variety of habitats. They are also home to various bird species and a few endangered species like the Bald Ibis, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Eleonora’s Falcon, and African Marsh Owl. Studies have shown that Morocco has over 454 species of birds, of which about 210 species breed in the country. Additionally, […]


Animals of Morocco

Morocco is a country that has many animals to boast about. It has a variety of introduced and native animals. The country has more than 490 species of birds, over 90 species of reptiles, 20 species of bats, 105 species of mammals, and numerous species of whales and dolphins. You may look into this guide […]