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Places in Morocco to visit for bird watching

Morocco is among the top birding trip locations in the West Palearctic due to its many specialties, which include all but one of North Africa’s unique bird species and the region’s richest biological specimens. Morocco offers a large variety of bird species in addition to its lovely beaches and vast desert expanses. Birdwatching is significant […]


Best Bird watching in Morocco

Morocco is a suitable destination if you are going for a bird-watching expedition. With a diversity of habitats and more than 480 species, it is right to consider Morocco as North America’s best Bird watching location. If you plan to go on a trip to Morocco, the time from March to May is ideal for […]


Bird-watching paradises in Morocco

Morocco, with its incredible scenery, hospitable people, and many bird specialties, is a haven for all the birders across the globe. Being an African country with a sizeable Mediterranean region, Morocco is a favorite place for all birders searching for endangered or rare bird species. The place is rich in habitat diversity and has more […]