Birds That Are Found In Morocco

Morocco is home to a variety of habitats. They are also home to various bird species and a few endangered species like the Bald Ibis, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Eleonora’s Falcon, and African Marsh Owl. Studies have shown that Morocco has over 454 species of birds, of which about 210 species breed in the country. Additionally, Morocco is the regular stop for millions of migrant birds from West European regions. Various wetlands of the country are known for their migrant and winter gulls. If we go to the Atlas ranges, one could find much avifauna and desert species such as larks and sand grouses.

bird species

Since there are varied bird species unique to Morocco, the place is a haven for all birders worldwide. Therefore, you can look into this guide to get a clear idea about the bird species you can find in Morocco. Even though it is nearly impossible to add all the birds seen in Morocco, this checklist will consist of some of the country’s most regularly seen and observed birds.

Common Hoopoe

Cinnamon-brown birds with black and white color winds are very common in Morocco. You can find these unique birds in rural gardens, plantations, savannas, and grasslands. They will spend their time near piles of rotting leaves or falling logs. They are known for their intimidating look, defensive tactics, and fighting skills. In addition to their fighting skills, they produce a substance that smells like rotten meat, which they use to cover themselves and their eggs to make them unappetizing for their predators.

Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl is a species of African partridges that looks similar to partridges. But the difference is that they have featherless heads and grey plumage. There are about six species worldwide, of which one species, the Helmeted Guinea fowl, is seen in Morocco. One of the specialties of this bird is that even though the birds are capable of flight, they do that only when they are in danger. They walk for up to 10 kilometers in search of food.

Swans, geese, and ducks

Swans, geese, and ducks are some of the most common bird species that belong to the family of Anatidae. There are almost 131 species of Anatidae worldwide, of which 39 species can be seen in Morocco. If you are lucky, you might also find rare species like Fulvous Whistling Duck, Mute swan, Whooper Swan, Bean Goose, and Snow Goose.


Divers are a group of aquatic birds and have five species worldwide. Of these five species, three occur in Morocco. They are Red-throated divers, Black-throated divers, and Great Northern Diver.


Grebes are freshwater diving birds that have about 20 species worldwide. Of these 20 species, four can be seen in morocco.


The albatrosses are the world’s largest flying birds and have 21 species. Out of this, 1 species, Black-browed Albatross occurs in Morocco.

Kites, hawks, and eagles

The birds like hawks, kites, and eagles belong to the family Accipitridae. There are 233 species worldwide, of which 29 can be seen in Morocco. Thus, Morocco is home to numerous bird species, thus a haven for birders across the globe.

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