Best Bird watching in Morocco

Morocco is a suitable destination if you are going for a bird-watching expedition. With a diversity of habitats and more than 480 species, it is right to consider Morocco as North America’s best Bird watching location.

If you plan to go on a trip to Morocco, the time from March to May is ideal for bird watching due to the mild and sunny weather. During this period, you will see a wide variety of residents and immigrant birds. In addition, Morocco is a stop to many of the immigrant birds who are on the way and returning from Western Europe. You will also be able to find more than 100 species of birds in winter.

Morocco’s Great Migration

Starting from a wide range of birds like larks, raptors, and water birds, you will be able to find millions of Birds here in Morocco that are very difficult to find anywhere else in the world. So, if you are a birder and your next stop is Morocco, you may consider visiting these places to find a multitude of unique birds.

See Morocco’s Great Migration

If you want to see the great migration, visiting Morocco in the spring or autumn is best. Every year, during this particular time, the skies of Morocco will be filled with birds because Morocco is an important migration corridor for a variety of birds like bee-eaters, storks, cuckoos, and nightingales. These birds bread in Europe and Russia and will cross the strait to Gibraltar to Africa once the summer is over.

Some of these birds will travel vast lands and will make a stop in Morocco. To see these immigrant birds, look into the scattered mashed lagoons near Larache. Or visit Moulay and Kenitra, located in the southwest of Tangier.

See the variety of birds in the lagoons of Morocco.

Merja Zerga National Park is a protected wetland that is one of the nation’s largest lagoons. They are situated between tangier and Rabat and have an extensive habitat, making them the home for many birds. During winter months, you will be able to see a large number of flamingos, ducks, Eurasian coots, and waders.

Near this lagoon is one small and attractive lagoon, Lac de Sidi Boughaba, where you will be able to see millions of flocks in the winter. During various times of the year, raptors like marsh harriers and black-shouldered kites will also be seen. You might also see the rare slender-billed curlew and marsh owl if you are lucky.

lagoons of Morocco

Go to the lower valleys to see a nightingale

The lower valleys of Oued Todra and Oued Dades are home to many birds like bulbul, goldfinch, hoopoe, scops, owls, and more. You might also see nightingales and various warblers here in these lower valleys. In the valleys of Dades, you will be able to see woodpeckers. Both these valleys are also very good spots to sight migrant birds like European bee-eater and Bonelli’s eagles.

If you are a birder and your next stop is Morocco, make sure to visit these places to sight unique and rare birds that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

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