25 June 2014

A new paper is available in Go-South Bulletin: El Hamoumi, R. ; Maire, B. ; Wissalmane, H. & Elmalki, S.  2014. Extension de l’aire de nidification de la Foulque caronculée Fulica cristata a... Read More

14 June 2014

Très belle sortie en mer au large d’Agadir le 8 juin : Puffin des anglais : 12 ex, Puffin des Baléares : 7 ex, Puffin cendré : 150 ex, Puffin de scopoli : au moins 1 ex., Océanite de Wilson ... Read More

29 May 2014

Gyps africanus: a new species for Morocco. A White-backed Vulture (Gyps africanus) was near Tétouan on 25 May 2014, with Rüppell’s and Griffon Vultures. This is the first record for Morocco, a... Read More

28 May 2014

On a resent trip to Morocco 7/5/14 to 12/5/14 we were making our way to Zeida along the R505. We stopped about 10 Kms from the junction of the N 13 and viewed the area to the right hand side of the ro... Read More

25 May 2014

Ruppell’s Vulture in the Straits. Several birds have been recorded recently in Tangier Peninsula: 3 Rüppell’s Vulture at Jbel Bouhachem Natural Park with 5 Griffon Vultures on 10 May PM, and ... Read More