Where to watch birds

Where to watch birds in the Atlantic Sahara. Revision September 2011

Bergier, P. 2011. Où voir les oiseaux dans le Sahara Atlantique marocain – Mise à jour septembre 2011 (rév. 1.0). Go-South Bull. 8 : numéro spécial. 98 pages. 

Cursorius cursor, région de Dakhla (F. Chevalier)
Cursorius cursor, région de Dakhla (F. Chevalier)

Call for contribution

I need your help to translate this paper into English. You will find attached the current status of the translation: if you have a couple of minutes, you may translate one or several chapters and forward your translation to me at pbergier@yahoo.fr (don’t pay attention to the bird and animal names, I will do).

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