29 August 2018 – A Brown Booby offshore Sidi Ifni

A Brown Booby Sula leucogaster was photographed yesterday 28 August 2018 c. 50 km offshore Sidi Ifni (29º31.30’ N 10º43.37’ W), with a group of Shearwaters (Sandra Villar).

The Brown Booby is an accidental visitor on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. There were only five previous sightings: two immatures at Oualidia on 14 September 1979; adults at Essaouira in May 1985, at Salé on 8 November 1987 and at the mouth of Oued Massa on 5 January 1987 and 9 January 1992. The record of an immature flying south off Tamri on 21 January 1996 was not accepted by the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee.

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