9 January 2018 – Records in the Negjyr and at Oued Jenna, 27-29 December

27 December : In and near the Negjyr, a Lanner Falcon at N23°24.250′ W14°46.939′, a Little owl at N23°29.140’ W14°41.818’, 3 Hares at N23°26.730’ W14°44.471’, a couple of Rüppel foxes at N23°23.554’ W14°48.169’, a probable juvenile Golden Wolf at N23°26.623’ W14°44.789’, and two more hares at Amzili.

28 December : Spotlighting on/off the road along Oued Jenna gave 4 Rüppel foxes, maybe 1 Fennec, 3 domestic cats and 2 gerboise

29 December : Long legged Buzzard and a few Black Kites along the road near Oued Jenna during day time. In Laglat, a dead White Stork eaten probably by jackals / golden wolf and a Golden Wolf or Jackal dead – we also spotted some ammunition left around 🙁

At night, spotlighting on/off the road along Oued Jenna gave a dead Short-eared Owl, 2 gerboise, Domestic cat or hybrid ? Hedgehog and a Sand Cat (21:35 temperature 19°)

There was a total absence of any reptiles on the road and very little activities with gerbils/jerboas probably due to the temperature/seasons.

(Nico, Dakhla Rovers, with Andreas Jonsson)

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